Portland Collection


Portland Collection

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Put a bird on it! We celebrate (a few of) our products that feature amazing local Portland producers in one gorgeous box.

Six piece box of bonbons (2x of rosewater caramel, House Spirits whiskey caramel, and salted lavender caramel in dark chocolate shells)

Mocha Almond Nibby Bar with Spella espresso, cocoa nibs, roasted almonds and 74% dark chocolate

Hazelnut Crunch Bar with Oregon hazelnut praline, Woodblock chocolate, and Jacobsen Sea Salt

4 oz Hazelnut Cherry Toffee with Oregon hazelnuts and cherries in all-butter toffee slicked with chocolate 


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Alma is committed to sourcing ethical, fair-trade, slavery-free chocolate. We use organic where possible, but believe that transparency in farming and a lack of pesticides are just as important as a fancy certification (which is often cost-prohibitive for the cacao farmers we want to support). That said, our "house" chocolate is, in fact, organic certified, as are many of the other ingredients we use.