Super Sampler Box

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Super Sampler 1.jpg
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Super Sampler Box


An Alma 'greatest hits' collection featuring a selection of our most popular bonbons (box includes one each of the following):

Salted Peanut Butter Cup: Natural peanut butter and honey center in a 74% dark chocolate shell.  Topped with a sprinkle of Oregon-harvested Jacobsen sea salt

Thai Peanut Butter Cup: Layered cup of peanut butter, milk chocolate, ginger, coconut, lime and chili...topped with volcanic sea salt.  Like a fantastic satay sauce!

Habanero Caramel Crown: Soft buttery caramel infused with fresh habanero, resulting in a finish with a kick of heat

Coffee Baton (Vegan): Dark chocolate center infused with espresso beans -- like a delicious mocha!

Deux Pistaches (Vegan): Pistachio praline layered with a pistachio chocolate blend.  So Pistache!

Salted Lavender Caramel: Slightly chewy lavender-infused caramel enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with fleur de sel

Bourbon Bonbon: Dark chocolate ganache with a splash of Maker's Mark for a boozy, velvety flavor

Classic Truffle: A dark chocolate + cream ganache filling enrobed in single origin 74% dark chocolate

Fig Marzipan (Vegan): Fig pate de fruits layered with pure marzipan (only almond an sugar!), enrobed in 74% dark chocolate

Rosewater Caramel: Silky caramel center with a light touch of rosewater; not overly flowery or purfumey!

*Flavors subject to substitution based on season and availability

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