Caramel Peanut Chocolate Tart

The Most Luscious Valentine Dessert: a recipe

Imagine: peanut butter and salty, crunchy nuts, folded into Alma's decadent caramel sauce, tucked between a flaky tart crust and a silky cap of dark chocolate ganache.

We can't think of a better reason to skip the reservation scramble and stay home this Valentine's day! Danielle Centoni whipped up this glorious homage to everyone's favorite drugstore candy bar, and we got the recipe for you! 

It may be nostalgic in flavor, but it's every inch sophisticated enough to serve someone you love, without requiring a month of prep work. (Particularly if you use our caramel sauce, and one jar just happens to be the perfect amount for a tart...)

We love the idea of making small, individual desserts for a romantic vibe, but who's to say splitting a 10" tart between two people isn't just as romantic? You do you. 

Check out the recipe, as well as the rest of Danielle's wonderful cooking blog, at Roux44!

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