Alma presents: Dates Across the States

Alma Presents: Dates Across the States. 

Please join Alma in celebrating love all across the states! From today through February 15th, we will be sharing sweet specials and awarding prizes - because our very favorite way to show our love is through our handmade chocolates. 

Here is your invitation: 

To join the celebration, share a glimpse of a date on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter; tag @almachocolate, and include both the hashtag #dateswithalma and the name of your home state in the description.

Each day from today through February 15th, team Alma will choose one photo or short video from all submissions.

If it's yours, we will send you a selection of our current favorite chocolate creations. 

By the way, your date doesn't have to be of the romantic kind. We love love in all fashions. 

You can share a truly instant Instagram as you enjoy your date, or a latergram from a date you still enjoy thinking of. You can post a photo to Alma's Twitter feed or Facebook page, just remember to add the hashtag #dateswithalma.

And your photo doesn't have to show you or the people involved. We also swoon over meeting spots, invitations, and other beautiful details. 

Even more reason to celebrate love: special promo codes. 

In case you are looking to show someone some extra love this month (perhaps yourself!), keep an eye out for promo codes for our online store. We will be sharing one each day on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

May we share today's promo code with you right now?

It's OREGON, in honor of Alma's home state, and you can use this code until tomorrow (February 2nd) for 10% off any order of our toffees, bonbons, icons, caramel sauces, and bars in our online store. 

From Portland, with love - 
Team Alma

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