Pendleton x Alma on Yahoo Food

Yahoo Food was just in Portland as a sponsor for Feast 2014, and they called ALMA's Hazelnut Crunch Bar out as an example of what makes our city such an amazing food-scene incubator! Check out the article and quotes below... 

Speaking of Alma, owner Sara Hart’s latest collaboration with Pendleton—the wool company that’s emblematic of the Pacific Northwest—represents much of what’s great about Portland’s food scene in one very tasty candy bar. The chocolate comes from the family-run Woodblock bean-to-bar manufactory, the Oregon-grown hazelnuts were harvested by Freddy Guys, it’s topped with local Jacobsen sea salt, and, of course, it’s packaged in a tribal Pendleton print.

Even the biodegradable cellophane that’s part of the packaging comes from a local company. If you want to get your mitts on one, you’ve got to hit up a Pendleton store; check for locations.
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