Announcing...Pendleton by Alma Handmade


We really love Oregon. 

Particularly, we love all of the people making amazing things that are informed and inspired by this land, climate, and landscape. 

Alma started at the Portland Farmer's Market. It was obvious to us that using the lavender from the booth down the aisle, or the hazelnuts from the booth next to us was the thing to do. We not only knew the farmers, they watched our booth when we needed a lunch break. It was just as natural for us to incorporate the flavors that represent the pacific nw into our treats - they are bountiful, fresh, and taste really, really good. 

We also love Pendleton. The why is pretty obvious -- gorgeous heritage blankets, family owned and operated (like us), a beautiful visual language of patterns -- but when we started talking to them, we realized how Pendleton is woven into Oregon's history (excuse the pun). 

It's so exciting for us to team up with them to tell the story of Oregon's makers, and we hope you think the collaboration is as sweet as we do! 

Check out for locations on where to find these treats! 

Exclusive to Pendleton, we can’t get enough of these perfect little bites. Their snappy 74% dark chocolate shells give way to almost-liquid caramel, liberally flecked with sea salt hand-harvested from Oregon’s Netarts Bay.
There isn’t a more “Oregon” combination than hazelnuts and cherries! We take the best Hood River dried cherries and organic nuts, embed them in crunchy all-butter toffee, and then drench the whole thing in dark chocolate.
Local hazelnuts, Jacobsen Sea Salt, and Portland bean-to-bar Woodblock chocolate combine for a bar that’s a love letter to Oregon: flavor-packed hazelnut chocolate praline encased in 74% dark chocolate shell and finished with hand-candied nuts and sea salt flakes.
We infuse cream with lavender from Willamette Valley’s Sundance Lavender Farm, and use it to make luscious, smooth caramel sauce that’s as good off your finger as it is poured over ice cream (the possibilities are endless)!