Our Story

We are believers that good chocolate is worthy of reverence. We make every batch of toffee, every jar of caramel, every bar and each bonbon with the intention of honoring chocolate.

We are innovators of flavor and are inspired by the legion of talented growers and makers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We choose to collaborate and source from them as often as possible. We may not be able to grow cacao in North America, but there is just about everything else. Our origins at the local Farmers Market still inform the ingredients and community spirit we embrace today. Part of being a responsible confectioner, too, is using chocolate that is grown, traded, and finished with care and intention. We would never use a chocolate that didn't align with our core values, and work diligently to source accordingly. Transparency is intrinsic to who we are and the confections we proudly produce, all the way down to our product packaging.

Nourish the Soul